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Bat Houses hand crafted from kiln dried northern Michigan white cedar. White cedar is recommended for its natural resistance to weather and insects. The boxes are 3 chamber units constructed from ¾ inch planking and are vented for proper air circulation. The boxes come planed and hand sanded on the exterior and rough cut on the interior for ease in gripping. Each box is nailed, and glued with weatherproof Titebond 3 Glue for superior strength.

bat houses

Box Dimensions:

6" x 10" x 28"

- Built in the USA, will last for years.
- You will not be dissatisfied with the quality of these houses.

$35 each, $31 each for orders 4 or more.
Shipping: $22 for 1 box, $29 for 2, $37 for 3, $12 each for 4 or more.


Special Requests Are Welcome!  
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