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Gregg's Bat House Placement Suggestion...

In general, bat houses should be:

• attached at least 15 feet high

• free from obstructions with at least 20 feet of open space

• facing southeast to gain exposure to sunlight

The placement of your bat house plays a major role on its internal temperature. Bat houses can be placed on buildings such as the side of a house or a garage. They can also be mounted to a pole. Attaching a bat house to a tall tree is another option, however studies have shown that bat houses placed on trees are less likely to be occupied than those on a building or pole. The place chosen to attach your bat house should be free from obstructions with at least 20 feet of open space and away from yard lights. This will allow the bats to locate the house and easily fly in and out of it.

In order to provide a secure and undisturbed roosting location, bat houses should be placed at least 15 feet high. At this height, the bat house will also be exposed to more sunlight throughout the day, especially if it is facing southeast to take advantage of the morning sunlight.



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