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Gregg's Bluebird House Placement Suggestion...

Habitat is the single most important factor which will determine whether you attract bluebirds to nest in your box. You MUST locate the nest box in a location attractive to bluebirds. Good types of areas include open yards, golf courses, open subdivisions, farm fields, pastures, orchards, metro parks, open cemeteries, school yards, and church yards.

No one knows absolutely for sure why bluebirds choose one box over another. But, here are the location factors which statistically get the best results for "bluebird landlords":

1. Locate in an open, grassy field edge or lawn area away from trees.

2. Place the box about 5 feet off the ground on a wooden or metal pole.

3. Face the entrance hole AWAY from the west, north, or northwest, as this is the primary direction that spring/summer storms come from.

4. Place away from dense cover (shrubs, thickets) and woods.

5. Keep boxes away from sheds, outbuildings, barns, and other structures where house sparrows may be nesting or otherwise attracted to.

6. Perch areas near to the nest box are a big plus. These can be telephone poles, tomato stakes, small trees, etc.

7. Place the boxes away from bird feeders and your main house - at least 50 feet or more.



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